Tuesday, 10 June 2008

an unexpected trip to Evian Hospital!!

Upon arriving in Evian our room's were not ready so we went to a nearby cafe to eat. I ordered a Tuna Salad and minutes after eating it i became very, very hot and dizzy. My face, neck and chest went bright red and was burning. Luckily our wonderful Tour Manager took control since a similar thing had happened to him some years back. He took me to the hospital where i was given medicine and checked over. He also gave me a Anti-Histamine in the hotel which possibly saved me from getting worse on the way to the hospital. It was all quite scary but i made it back just in time to leave for the soundcheck. I was worried even more so as we were scheduled to travel to Tokyo the next morning and being sick on a flight is not good news! BIG shame since the hotel was SO amazing and it also had the worlds first Buddha Bar- Spa!!! Boo Hoo!! 

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