Tuesday, 1 July 2008

The venue in Singapore- Espelande

The view from my position on stage. Next to my Mic you can see my Sitar tool box with strings and things like that incase anything goes wrong with the instrument during the concert. Luckily this has never happened....yet...but im ready if it ever does!!
The final show of the tour here in Singapore.
Backstage....pictures of some artists who have performed here.
One of my musical idols is the great Pat Metheny.

Final stop before home...Singapore

Pan Pacific Hotel Atrium 

The view from the room...Also in the bottom right you can see a dome shaped building which is the venue for the performance here in Singapore. 

Entering Singapore

There are very strict laws here in Singapore. As you can see this is the immigration card you have to fill in upon entering countries.  I am also told not to chew any gum as this is also illegal and may result in a trip to prison. 

Friday, 27 June 2008

National Chiang Kai-shek Cultural Center- Taipei, Taiwan

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

All of these buildings are in the grounds of the Hall we performed at here in Taipei. 

The Venue in Taipei- National Concert Hall

The National Concert Hall- this is what it looks like without the scaffolding!! 
The National Theater
National Concert Hall- under contstruction

Liberty Square 

Monday, 23 June 2008

more from the Night Market...

I mean who in their right mind would eat this stuff????
But people are queing up for it!! 
Frog Juice??? 

Oh My God!!!!! The Night Market

I cannot believe that this place exists!! The smell is so so so so bad i cant put it into words. And people are at the stands ordering this stuff to go eat! I went up to one woman and asked her if she was going to eat that stuff and she was telling me its so good and that i should try some!!!!

at the top of the Taiepi 101

Taipei 101, the worlds tallest building

Danger Food!!

What is this stuff??? I dunno but it smells nasty!
??? But this is nothing compared to what we find later.....

electronics market

Computer Street, Taipei City
The worlds smallest Laptop???

a nasty shock

This was supposed to be a milkshake type drink with what i thought was some kind of chocolate balls or something but noooooo...these were soft, slimy fish eggs!!! Yuk!!!