Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Nick Able Music- Branding design by European Animal

Here we have the final design for the Branding for my new website and company- Nick Able Music. The website will be ready by early April. Watch this space!!!

The Elvis Tour comes to town

Set up takes around 6 hours!!

Set up and ready to go!

I spent the morning here at Metro Arena with my good friend and legendary Audio Engineer- Howie Lindeman. Howie was doing the Front of House (FOH) sound on the tour and invited me to the show. Elvis isn't my thing at all but had a great time with Howie and really enjoyed the concert!


Not into Elvis at all but really enjoyed this show!
Backstage- can't wait to get back out on tour!!
Me with Howie Lindeman- renowned Audio Engineer and good friend. Howie has worked with many of the worlds greatest artists- John Lennon, Stevie Wonder, Aerosmith...the list goes on, and on....

Matt Case Photography

Photography by the wonderful Matt Case. We did three photoshoots across a period of about 3 months, all imagery to be used for my upcoming website and online materials.

All photography © Matt Case

'Continuum'- the final, finished Logic session

Here we have the final Logic session for 'Continuum'.

Setting up to mix in 5.1 at the Planetarium

Hooking up my MOTU to the Planetarium 5.1 system

Another Toy in the studio

Transferring my iPhoto library-almost 25,000 photos!!!

You don't want to know how long this took! And i have a FAST computer!! zzzzzzzzz

A new machine joins me in the studio