Tuesday, 10 June 2008

here goes.....dive in...

Some raw Fish from our wobbling little friend and Wasabi...
My reaction to the Wasabi...ive tasted some food on my travels and i have NEVER tasted anything like this before in my life!! For those of you who havent you HAVE to try this! Its not spicy or hot but it has an effect of being hit by a bus when you put it in your mouth!! 
I decide to stay away from any more Fish after having just one piece of it raw with that Wasabi. Im too weary after my episode in Evian!! That put me off eating altogether but im in Japan for the first time so i really want to try the food and not miss out!
So i opt to try the cooked Pork Gut and Tofu. Yum!
Once i took out the small Octopus this tasted very nice!!

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