Friday, 6 June 2008

The Genius Bar-Apple Store, Regent Street. London

Sorry but i really have to mention this issue. I LOVE Mac's and have used them now for about 4 years and would never go back to a PC!! However upon getting my new MacBook Pro i had severe issues with my collection of about 10,200 photos. Anyways to cut a long story short my last resort was to visit the Apple Genius Bar. They were not able to help me, however they did tell me alot of cool things to know in OS X. This caused alot of stress for me and after some big risk taking in iPhoto i managed to completely restore my library and photo albums from my old back-up. So as much as i LOVE Apple and Mac's, on this occasion i have to say they need to sort out iPhoto and the file structure. So im hoping someone there sees this and does something about it!!! Coz you know, i REEEEAAALY dont want to ever, ever have to use a PC again in my life...

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