Monday, 28 June 2010

New Update


Not been updating the blog for a while now. Been very busy with Anoushka- two months touring the USA and Europe. My laptop died whilst on the European tour which left me helpless! Took a while to get things up to date upon my arrival home, transferring files to Mac Pro, backing up data etc etc. Now in London with Anoushka and got new laptop so i can start to update the blog again whilst im on my travels. Going to make the updates less frequent though as i find it very time consuming (can anyone recommend a good plug in for iPhoto to make updates easier??). Also because i have TWO new websites coming out very soon. They have been delayed somewhat due to my laptop problems as i had planned to spend the month of the European tour updating and adding all the content. Also i recently made a Flickr account where i will start to upload many of my photos- there is a great feature in iPhoto that enables a direct upload so its much easier for me to use and i can upload alot of photos compared to this! I still hope you all continue to visit the blog as it will feature content not displayed on other sites.

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