Sunday, 10 January 2010

Starting to arrange the first drafts for 'Continuum' in Logic Pro

Starting to populate the arrangement with all kinds of wierd and wonderful sounds! I spent a day or so working in Ableton Live, doing Sound Design for this project. Taking pre-recorded material obtained from the Newburn Surgery, and other sounds from the Logic library. I played with them, using all the editing tools available until they started to change into what i was wanting to hear. From there they were imported into Logic and used in this first section, doing yet more editing to get them just right. Some of the sounds i worked with were Heartbeats, Pulse's, Debris Falling, Frying Bacon, Pouring Milk onto Cereal, Gurgling Water, all of these were treated with heavy Sound Design to change them into 'internal body' sounds. Ben and myself had 3 sessions following this and we included some sounds he worked on with Reaktor and MAX/MSP's Lloop.

First drafts for the piece. Going off the first brief given by Paul Grimmer, i sat with Logic and started to gather sounds to map out the first section of the piece.

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