Monday, 21 December 2009

The FINAL (did i say final??) wiring of my 5.1 monitoring system!!

After buying my Blue Sky 5.1 Media Desk many months ago, i only just managed to get it fully wired up and all the wiring under the floors etc etc. Id bought the system right in the middle of a major renovation and re-decoration to my studio at home. So it was temporarily set up then took back down, then up again for the 'Black Sea of Trees' project. So id bought various types of wire, some which was very expensive. In the end i had about 4 different types of wire, some which had been painstakingly fed under the floor and carpets. I finally bought some of the best wire available in a 25 meter roll, threw the other wire away and sat for almost a full day wiring this whole system up!!! Already, after buying the 5.1 set up im well on my way into my 2nd 5.1 composition project, which i was commissioned based on the success of the 1st!!

In this picture you can see my Mac Pro and the 5.1 LFE- or Sub Woofer as its commonly known. All of the wiring comes from each of the speakers, into the rear of the Sub. From the Sub the connections (XLR or Jack) go to my multichannel soundcard, MOTU Traveller. You can also see some ( yes just some ) of the wires!! It took me a good couple hours to tidy and arrange all the wiring, cables, power supplys etc etc! I must say, i truly HATE wires!!!

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