Monday, 26 April 2010

Apple's iPad!!!

The Apple iPad is a great little device. I must admit when it first came out i was somewhat disappointed. No iSight camera, and its basically a large iPod Touch. However, upon seeing and holding one in my hands...i LOVE it....needless to say i wont be coming home with one. But when Apple bring out the 2nd Generation, ill be getting one for sure!!

Arrival in San Francisco after 3 shows in a row!

Our hotel in San Francisco- The Fairmont
View from the room 1
View from the room 2
Soo many hills....

Too bad the TV here in the US isnt worth watching....could of been useful...

Even more Venue stuff...sooo many venues.....

Chicago- Schaumberg..Stunning
Stage all ready to go....

Plenty of EQ then...

More Venue stuff....


At least we know where to find the Cheese........

Gordon Ramsey????

More hotel stuff....

Lobby at the Fairmont Hotel- San Fransisco
Lobby at the Renaissance Chicago
Lobby at Renaissance Chicago..cont
Lobby at Renaissance Chicago...cont....
Atrium at the Hyatt Regency Milwaukee

Hotel rooms

Chicago- Renaissance Hotel
Hyatt Regency Milwaukee

Hotel Ivy Minneapolis

More venues

Augusta, Georgia

Tour Bus!!!

In my little bunk
My bunk
12 bunks
I love the tour bus! So much more relaxing to travel this way with all our luggage and instruments. Its a nightmare for us at the airport. This bus is like a luxury hotel and has two living areas, kitchen, bathroom. 12 bunks each with their own TV and DVD player.

Venue in DC

Usually on each tour there are one or two shows that are at a different kind of venue. Mostly its all concert halls or a festival. Here we perform at the Sixth and I Historic Synagouge. Other artists who have performed here recently are Imogen Heap and Bryan Adams. Stunning place.

The view from the room in Washington DC

Hmmm...glad i don't pay the bills on tour....


Norfolk, Virginia

Sitar crack!!!!

Anoushka's main sitar is cracked!! We have no idea how it happened, as we now buy a seat on all flights for the instrument its unlikely its been something at the airport. Two other sitar's were flown out while this goes back to be repaired.

Friday, 16 April 2010

New youtube channel

My new youtube channel is here!!

Lots of cool stuff to be added over the next few weeks from the past 7 years of working as a musician and composer, from worldwide travels and tours, to projects to technical stuff and LOTS more. Please check it out here. Subscribe and add me as a friend.