Saturday, 30 May 2009

Recording at the IDI....Three...

Tabla- Bayan and the Hang.
 Recording the Hang

Recording at the IDI....Two...

Two Ocinara's
Another Kalimba
Banjoline- a cross between an Banjo and a Mandolin!!

More recording at the IDI...One...

A collection of unique instruments from allover thee world ready to be played and recorded!
German Xylophone
A wonderful Pentatonic Xylophone- many thanks to Douglas from DACS!!
One of the most beautiful instruments i have EVER heard in my life, and ive seen and heard alot!! This is known as a 'Sansula' and is the Stradovarious of the Thumb Pianos! 

Shahi Bajaa

The 'Shahi Bajaa' is a unique instrument from India. I hope to record this soon for a project!

An Indian Welcome!

Monday, 18 May 2009

more videos from tour's

Sydney Opera House during stage set up June 2008. Almost empty apart from the guys on stage and me wandering around! Such a breathtaking venue!! We performed that night to a sold out hall and im very happy to of been a part of it!! 

more recording.....

Kit Haigh

Recording into Pro-Tools HD3
Simon Wood 'Woody'

Recording the unique instruments for a project!

Digidesign ICON Desk and Pro-Tools HD 3

More unique instruments!!

Kalimba or 'Thumb Piano'.

Balalaika from Russia!! Looks funny, sounds awesome!!

The 'Zen Drum'

Another unique instrument, this time a MIDI controller!! 

Hang Drum

Sitar and Hang

Woody on the incredible 'Hang Drum'. I'll be using this instrument soon to record with for a project im working on. Also doing a Sitar and Hang piece together. Keep a watch out for this!!

First attempt to upload a Movie!??

Leaving Japan in June 2008 on Anoushka Shankar's tour of Europe, Far East Asia, Australia and New Zealand...

Thinking of doing a video blog and posting videos here as well as photos so this one is a little test to see what its like. 

Special delivery from Ableton HQ in Berlin!!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Preparing for the official Northern School of Sound launch party!

More of Logic 101

Automation in Logic 8
Logic's Space Designer
Adding some EQ

The main arrange page.
Logic's very powerful mixer.

Logic 101 at Northern School of Sound

Composing using standard western notation in Logic 8.
Northern School of Sound is a fully accredited and athourised Apple Training Centre for the Pro App's- Logic Pro, Soundtrack Pro and Final Cut Pro as well as the most of the IT course's.
Crazy programming in the sequencer window of Logic 8. 

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