Wednesday, 14 May 2008

arrival in Schloss Elmau, Germany

The Room
View from the Room
We arrived here after a 12 hour bus journey overnight from Budapest. this is a luxury resort and spa that is high up in the hills in Elmau, Germany. Its very beautiful as you can see. We have the concert here tonight in the hotel grounds for a specialist audience. We leave tonight for Dortmund which is a shame as this is such a nice place it would of been nice to spend a little more time here. Usually the nicest places we come to are the ones we have the least time at!!!

Soundcheck in Budapest

This is a much older concert hall  as opposed to the more modern halls that we mostly play in, this type of hall is meant for pure classical music which is not amplified and causes our sound engineer alot of problems!!
My set list which has my own notes for each of the pieces. Where you can see the letter G this is actually Indian Notation which tells me which notes not to play in a certain piece or Raga as it is known in Indian Classical terms.

Soundcheck in Debrecen, Hungary

This Piano goes down to C with the extra Black Keys!! Very rare!!
The Magic carpet. In Indian Classical Music we actually sit on a raised platform on the stage known as a Rostrum. There we have a nice carpet to sit on which cannot be touched by shoes and has to be walked on barefoot. This is due to the traditions of this music and of Indian culture. The feet are seen as disrespectful and we never keep shoes near any instrument. 

Tour Bus

Lounge Area 1-Downstairs
Tour Bus
Lounge Area 2-upstairs


From Budapest right through to Dortmund we have a Tour Bus. This has 2 living areas with TV, DVD, Playstation and CD players, 14 bunks each with a Playstation, TV, DVD player and headphone's and even a little window with curtains! We also have a kitchen area with 2 fridges, sink and plenty of cupboard space. Finally there is one bathroom/toilet. This is a different style of bus to what we have had in the past in the US. We have 2 drivers who are telling us allkinds of stories from previous musicians/bands they have drove such as Def Leopard, Whitesnake, Tina Turner and Whitney Houston.

Budapest at Night

Pork Butt?? I didn't realize this was 'Im a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here' !!

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Arrival in Budapest

One of the first things i do after arriving in a new city and checking into the hotel is put the 'Do Not Disturb' on the door. Traveling with so many valuables and personal things i dont like hotel people coming to the room. This is for security as we have had many items stolen in the past from hotel staff. The only time i will get my room cleaned is when i have some free time and am able to sit in the room whilst they do it.
Room in Budapest


First Soundcheck in Istanbul

Thursday, 8 May 2008

will you have that with or without the Brain Sir???


This is the spare Sitar Anoushka is carrying, but it was her fathers Ravi Shankar's before he had to use a smaller one. It is one of my main responsibilities on tour to take care of and maintain all the instruments. Its a huge thing to be responsible for this since this a priceless instrument!!